What’s In The Bag: Jordan Spieth’s Clubs, Golf Balls, Accessories, And Equipment

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Explore the contents of Jordan Spieth’s golf bag, including his clubs, golf balls, accessories, and equipment. Discover the secrets behind his gear and how it helps him excel in the game.

Clubs in Jordan Spieth’s Bag

When it comes to the clubs in Jordan Spieth’s bag, it’s no surprise that he has a carefully curated selection to help him perform at his best on the golf course. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of clubs that Spieth relies on during his rounds.


The driver is often considered the most powerful club in a golfer’s bag, and Jordan Spieth is no exception. This club is designed to hit the ball the farthest off the tee, allowing Spieth to gain maximum distance on his drives. With his smooth and controlled swing, Spieth can consistently find the fairway with his driver, setting himself up for success on each hole.

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are versatile clubs that can be used off the tee or from the fairway. For Jordan Spieth, these clubs provide him with accuracy and control when he needs to reach the green from a long distance. Spieth’s fairway woods allow him to hit precise shots with ease, whether he’s going for distance or positioning himself for a strategic approach.


Irons are the backbone of a golfer’s bag and are used for a variety of shots on the course. Jordan Spieth’s iron game is renowned for its precision and consistency. He relies on his irons to deliver accurate and reliable shots, allowing him to navigate the fairways and approach the greens with confidence. Spieth’s irons provide him with the control he needs to shape his shots and tackle any course challenges that come his way.


Wedges play a crucial role in a golfer’s short game, and Jordan Spieth is well aware of their importance. These clubs are designed to provide high loft and control, allowing Spieth to execute delicate shots around the green. Whether he needs to hit a high flop shot over a bunker or a precise pitch shot to a tucked pin, Spieth’s wedges allow him to get up and down with finesse.


Last but certainly not least, the putter is the club that Jordan Spieth relies on to finish off each hole. Spieth’s putting skills are a key component of his success on the golf course. With his ability to read greens and make clutch putts, Spieth consistently ranks among the top putters on the PGA Tour. His putter is finely tuned to his preferences, allowing him to roll the ball smoothly and with excellent control.

In summary, Jordan Spieth’s bag is filled with a carefully selected set of clubs that cater to his strengths and playing style. From the powerful driver to the precise irons and the delicate wedges, each club serves a specific purpose in Spieth’s game. Combined with his exceptional putting skills, these clubs enable Spieth to compete at the highest level and make his mark on the golfing world.

Golf Balls Used by Jordan Spieth

When it comes to the golf balls used by Jordan Spieth, he is very particular about the brand and model he chooses. The right golf ball can make a significant difference in a player’s performance, and Spieth understands this well. Let’s take a closer look at the brand and model of golf balls he prefers, as well as their specifications.

Brand and Model

Spieth’s go-to brand for golf balls is Titleist, a well-respected and trusted name in the golfing community. Within the Titleist brand, he primarily uses the Pro V1x model. This particular model is known for its exceptional performance and is highly regarded by professional golfers worldwide.

The Pro V1x is a three-piece golf ball that offers a combination of distance, spin, and control. It is designed to provide maximum distance off the tee while still delivering the necessary spin and control for approach shots and around the greens. The Pro V1x has a reputation for its soft feel and outstanding durability, making it a favorite among many professional golfers, including Jordan Spieth.


Now, let’s delve into the specifications of the Titleist Pro V1x golf balls that Spieth uses. These specifications play a crucial role in determining the performance characteristics of the golf ball and can greatly impact a player’s game.

  1. Construction: The Pro V1x features a three-piece construction, consisting of a solid core, a soft inner mantle layer, and a thin, durable cover. This construction allows for optimal energy transfer and enhanced feel.
  2. Dimple Design: The golf ball’s dimple design also plays a significant role in its performance. The Pro V1x utilizes a 328 tetrahedral dimple design that promotes a penetrating trajectory and consistent ball flight. This dimple pattern helps reduce drag and enhances stability in the air.
  3. Compression: The compression of a golf ball refers to how much it compresses upon impact with the clubface. The Pro V1x has a compression rating of around 100, which is considered to be in the mid-range. This compression level offers a balance between distance and control, catering to the needs of professional golfers like Spieth.
  4. Spin Control: Spin control is essential for golfers, especially when it comes to approach shots and shots around the green. The Pro V1x provides excellent spin control, allowing Spieth to shape his shots and land them precisely where he intends. The combination of the golf ball’s construction, cover material, and dimple design contributes to this enhanced spin control.

In summary, Jordan Spieth relies on Titleist Pro V1x golf balls to support his game. The Pro V1x offers a winning combination of distance, spin, and control, making it a popular choice among professional golfers. With its three-piece construction, advanced dimple design, optimal compression, and excellent spin control, the Pro V1x provides Spieth the performance he needs to excel on the golf course.



– Construction: Three-piece design with a solid core, soft inner mantle layer, and thin, durable cover.
– Dimple Design: 328 tetrahedral dimple pattern for a penetrating trajectory and consistent ball flight.
– Compression: Mid-range compression rating of around 100 for a balance between distance and control.
– Spin Control: Excellent spin control for shaping shots and precision around the greens.

(*Note: The above information is based on Jordan Spieth’s equipment preferences as of the time of writing. Please refer to the “reference” section for the most up-to-date information on his golf balls.)

Golf Accessories in Jordan Spieth’s Bag

From the moment Jordan Spieth steps foot on the golf course, he is armed with a range of essential golf accessories that help him perform at his best. These accessories are carefully selected and serve specific purposes to enhance his game. Let’s take a closer look at the golf accessories that Jordan Spieth carries in his bag.

Golf Glove

When it comes to gripping the club and maintaining control over his swing, Jordan Spieth relies on his trusty golf glove. The golf glove is an essential accessory for any golfer, providing a secure grip on the club while also offering protection against blisters and calluses. Made from high-quality materials, Spieth’s golf glove allows him to maintain a firm hold on the club, even in challenging weather conditions.

Ball Marker

In the game of golf, precision is key. That’s why Jordan Spieth always carries a ball marker in his bag. A ball marker is a small flat object that is used to mark the position of the ball on the green. This allows Spieth to lift his ball, clean it, and then replace it without affecting its original position. By using a ball marker, Spieth ensures that he can accurately line up his putts and maintain fairness in the game.


A clean and dry golf ball is essential for optimal performance, and that’s where a towel comes in. Jordan Spieth keeps a towel in his bag to wipe down his golf balls, clubs, and even his hands during a round. By keeping his equipment clean and free from dirt and moisture, Spieth can achieve better contact with the ball and maintain consistent control over his shots.

Alignment Aid

Consistency and accuracy are crucial in golf, and Jordan Spieth understands the importance of aligning his shots properly. To assist him in achieving the perfect alignment, Spieth utilizes an alignment aid. This handy accessory helps him position his feet, hips, and shoulders correctly, ensuring that his shots are directed towards the intended target. By using an alignment aid, Spieth can optimize his swing and increase the chances of hitting the fairway or sinking a putt.

Divot Repair Tool

As a professional golfer, Jordan Spieth takes great pride in maintaining the condition of the golf course. That’s why he always carries a divot repair tool in his bag. A divot repair tool is a small, fork-like accessory used to repair the marks made on the green when a golf ball lands. By using his divot repair tool, Spieth can quickly and easily restore the grass to its original state, ensuring that the course remains in top-notch condition for other players.

With these essential golf accessories in his bag, Jordan Spieth is well-prepared to tackle any golf course that comes his way. From the grip-enhancing golf glove to the precision-enhancing alignment aid, each accessory plays a vital role in helping Spieth perform at his best. So the next time you see Spieth on the golf course, take a moment to appreciate the thought and care he puts into selecting the right accessories to enhance his game.

  • Golf Glove
  • Ball Marker
  • Towel
  • Alignment Aid
  • Divot Repair Tool

Other Equipment in Jordan Spieth’s Bag

In addition to his clubs and golf balls, Jordan Spieth carries a variety of other equipment in his bag to ensure he is prepared for any situation on the golf course. Let’s take a closer look at some of the essential items you’ll find in Spieth’s bag.

Golf Bag

The golf bag is a golfer’s trusty companion on the course, carrying all their clubs, balls, and other accessories. Jordan Spieth’s choice of golf bag is crucial to his game, as it needs to provide functionality, durability, and easy access to his equipment.

Spieth opts for a high-quality golf bag that offers ample storage space and organization. This allows him to keep his clubs in order and quickly locate the one he needs for each shot. The bag also has multiple pockets for storing balls, tees, and other small items, ensuring everything is within reach when he needs it.

Furthermore, Spieth’s golf bag is designed with comfort in mind. It features padded straps and a lightweight construction, allowing him to carry it comfortably throughout his round. The bag’s ergonomic design helps prevent fatigue and ensures that Spieth can focus on his game without any distractions.

Golf Shoes

Proper footwear is essential for any golfer, and Jordan Spieth understands the importance of having comfortable and supportive golf shoes. Spieth’s choice of golf shoes not only provides him with the necessary traction and stability but also reflects his personal style on the course.

Spieth opts for golf shoes that offer a balance between performance and style. These shoes feature advanced technology to provide excellent grip on different terrains, ensuring that Spieth maintains a solid foundation during his swings. The shoes also provide ample cushioning and support to keep Spieth comfortable throughout his round.

Additionally, Spieth’s golf shoes are designed to be water-resistant, allowing him to continue playing even in wet conditions. This feature is particularly important in maintaining traction and preventing slips on damp grass or muddy areas. Spieth’s shoes also have breathable materials to help keep his feet cool and dry, even on hot days.


Weather conditions on the golf course can be unpredictable, and rain showers can quickly turn an enjoyable round into a soggy experience. To combat this, Jordan Spieth always keeps a reliable umbrella in his bag.

Spieth’s umbrella is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry without adding unnecessary bulk to his bag. The umbrella opens quickly and provides ample coverage to keep Spieth dry during unexpected rain showers. Its durable construction ensures that it can withstand windy conditions, providing Spieth with the necessary protection from the elements.

Rain Gear

In addition to an umbrella, Jordan Spieth also carries a set of rain gear in his bag. This includes a waterproof jacket and pants that are designed to keep him dry and comfortable in wet conditions.

Spieth’s rain gear is made from high-quality materials that are both waterproof and breathable. This allows him to stay dry from the rain while still maintaining a comfortable body temperature. The gear is also designed to be lightweight and flexible, allowing Spieth to move freely during his swings without any restrictions.

By keeping rain gear in his bag, Spieth is always prepared for unexpected weather changes. This ensures that he can continue playing without being hindered by rain or wet conditions, allowing him to maintain his focus and perform at his best.

Miscellaneous Items in Jordan Spieth’s Bag

Snacks and Drinks

When it comes to keeping his energy levels up during a round of golf, Jordan Spieth knows the importance of having snacks and drinks on hand. He understands that staying hydrated and fueled can make a significant difference in his performance on the course.

In his golf bag, Spieth carries a variety of snacks that provide him with the necessary nutrients to keep going. From energy bars to trail mix and fresh fruit, he ensures that he has a selection of healthy options to choose from. These snacks not only provide him with a quick boost of energy but also help him maintain focus throughout the round.

Additionally, Spieth understands the importance of staying hydrated on the course. He always has a supply of water and sports drinks in his bag to replenish his fluids. Proper hydration is crucial for maintaining optimal performance, especially in hot and humid conditions. By keeping a variety of drinks readily available, Spieth can choose the one that best suits his needs at any given moment.

Personal Items

While golf is a sport that requires intense focus and concentration, Jordan Spieth also recognizes the value of having personal items in his bag to make him feel comfortable and at ease on the course.

One of the personal items Spieth carries is a lucky charm. It may be a small trinket or memento that holds sentimental value to him. Having this item nearby gives him a sense of familiarity and can help calm his nerves during high-pressure situations.

Spieth also keeps a spare set of sunglasses in his bag. As a professional golfer, he spends long hours under the sun, and protecting his eyes from harmful UV rays is essential. Having an extra pair ensures that he can always shield his eyes from the sun’s glare and maintain clear vision.

Training Aids

Even professional golfers like Jordan Spieth are constantly striving to improve their game. That’s why Spieth always carries a few training aids in his bag to help him refine his skills and work on specific aspects of his game.

One training aid Spieth uses is a swing trainer. This device helps him practice his swing mechanics and develop a consistent and repeatable motion. By incorporating this tool into his practice routine, Spieth can fine-tune his swing and make any necessary adjustments to improve his overall performance.

Another training aid Spieth utilizes is a putting alignment tool. Putting is a crucial aspect of the game, and having a tool that helps him align his putts accurately can greatly enhance his putting stroke. By using this aid, Spieth can improve his accuracy and sink more putts on the greens.

Scorecard and Pencil

Like any golfer, Jordan Spieth keeps a scorecard and pencil in his bag to keep track of his scores during a round of golf. While technology has provided digital scoring options, Spieth prefers the traditional method of marking his scores on a physical scorecard.

Having a scorecard allows Spieth to keep a record of his performance on each hole and track his progress throughout the round. It also serves as a valuable tool for reviewing his performance after the round and identifying areas that may require further improvement.

The pencil is an essential companion to the scorecard, enabling Spieth to mark his scores and keep a tally of his strokes. It may seem like a simple item, but it plays a significant role in preserving the integrity of the game and ensuring accurate scoring.

In conclusion, Jordan Spieth’s golf bag is not just filled with clubs and balls. It also contains a variety of miscellaneous items that cater to his needs both on and off the course. From snacks and drinks to personal items and training aids, these items contribute to his overall performance and comfort during a round of golf. Additionally, the scorecard and pencil serve as essential tools for keeping track of his scores and reflecting on his game. By paying attention to these details, Spieth ensures that he is well-prepared and equipped to tackle any challenges that come his way on the golf course.

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