How to Remove Golf Grips to Reuse (and Save Money)

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If your golf grips are worn out or you simply want to upgrade to a different style, you may be tempted to fork over big bucks for a new set. But before shelling out on new grips, consider removing and reusing your current grips to save money.

Reusing golf grips is an easy process that can give worn grips new life. It also reduces waste by keeping old grips out of landfills. Follow these simple steps to learn how to remove golf grips to reuse on your clubs.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

To remove and reuse your golf grips, you will need:

  • Grip removal tool – This wedge tool easily lifts the grip off the shaft.
  • Grip solvent – Solvent lubricates the underside of the grip for easy removal.
  • Grip tape – New tape wraps the shaft before installing the reused grip.
  • Utility knife – Cuts any grip tape or excess grip length.
  • Sandpaper – Lightly roughens shaft surface for grip adhesion.
  • Rubber cement – Applied to the shaft tape and inside of the grip.
  • Rag – Used for wiping off old solvent and dirt.
  • Vise clamp – Holds club steady while removing and installing grip.

Step 2: Remove the Old Grip

Start by securing the club in a vise clamp with the grip end pointing up. Then, take your grip removal tool and slide the curved end underneath the grip at the very bottom of the club.

Twist the tool gently to loosen the grip and raise it slightly off the shaft. Apply grip solvent liberally both under and on top of the grip to lubricate the entire length as you continue lifting it off.

Slowly work the removal tool around the circumference of the grip while lightly tapping the top to gradually slide it off the shaft. Take care not to bend or damage the shaft.

Once removed, clean off any old tape or grease from the shaft using a rag and grip solvent as needed.

Step 3: Clean the Shaft

With the grip removed, inspect the shaft for any dents, cracks or rust damage. Use fine grit sandpaper to gently smooth out any minor blemishes on the shaft surface.

Clean the full length of the tapered section of the shaft with solvent on a rag to eliminate any oil, dirt or debris. This prepares the shaft for optimal adhesion with the reused grip and new grip tape.

Wipe the shaft thoroughly with a clean dry rag to remove any residue before applying fresh grip tape.

Step 4: Apply the New Grip

Cut a strip of new grip tape the same length as the tapered section of the golf shaft. Wrap the tape around the shaft up to the clubhead, overlapping about 1/4 inch.

Next, apply a thin layer of rubber cement inside the old grip and on top of the new grip tape. Wait 30 seconds for the cement to become tacky before installation.

Carefully slide the old grip onto the shaft, aligning the logo or reminder line on the grip with the logo on the clubhead. Slowly twist and push the grip down into position, using a rag to keep your hands clean.

Step 5: Trim the Grip

Once fully installed, trim off any excess grip length that extends past the bottom of the shaft using a sharp utility knife. File down any grip edges so they sit flush with the end of the shaft.

Allow the rubber cement several hours to fully cure before playing with the club. The reused grip is now ready for a second life!

Tips for Reusing Golf Grips

Here are some additional pointers to get the most out of reusing your golf grips:

  • Check the condition – Heavily worn or cracked grips should be replaced instead of reused.
  • Clean thoroughly – Eliminate all dirt, debris and old adhesive before reinstallation.
  • Avoid over-thinning – Excessive sanding weakens the grip and impacts feel.
  • Align logos – Matching up logos maintains your preferred hand orientation.
  • Let cement cure – Allowing several hours ensures maximum bonding strength.
  • Consider regripping – Rotate your grips to evenly distribute wear over time.

Reusing golf grips is an easy DIY project that saves you money compared to buying new grips. It also gives worn grips extended playability while reducing grip waste. Follow these simple steps to learn how to remove golf grips to reuse for lower costs and less environmental impact.

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