How Much Does Topgolf Cost Per Person? Factors, Options, And Ways To Save Money

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Curious about the cost of Topgolf per person? Explore the that influence pricing, discover different , learn about , and find out how to save money at Topgolf.

Factors Affecting Topgolf Pricing

Topgolf pricing is influenced by various that can affect the overall cost of your experience. Understanding these can help you plan your visit and make informed decisions. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key elements that influence Topgolf pricing.


The location of the Topgolf venue you choose can impact the pricing. Different cities or regions may have varying cost structures based on such as local demand, operational costs, and market conditions. For example, Topgolf venues in major metropolitan areas like New York City or Los Angeles might have slightly higher prices compared to venues in smaller towns or suburban areas.

Day and Time

The day and time you visit Topgolf can also affect the pricing. Just like many other entertainment venues, Topgolf may have different rates for peak and non-peak hours. Peak hours usually include evenings, weekends, and holidays when more people tend to visit. On the other hand, non-peak hours, such as weekdays or early afternoons, may offer discounted rates or special promotions. Planning your visit during non-peak hours can be a great way to save money while still enjoying the Topgolf experience.

Membership Status

Topgolf offers membership plans that can provide additional benefits and discounts. Becoming a member can give you access to exclusive perks, such as discounted rates, priority bay reservations, and special events. Depending on the level of membership you choose, you may also enjoy additional privileges like free game play or food and beverage credits. If you plan to visit Topgolf frequently, becoming a member can be a cost-effective option.

Special Events or Promotions

Topgolf often runs special events and promotions that can impact the pricing. These events can range from themed nights, tournaments, or holiday celebrations. During these special occasions, Topgolf may offer unique packages or discounts to enhance the overall experience. Keeping an eye on their website or subscribing to their newsletter can help you stay informed about upcoming events and take advantage of any promotional offers. Attending special events can add an extra layer of excitement to your Topgolf visit while potentially saving you some money.

Topgolf Pricing Options

At Topgolf, there are several pricing available to cater to different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re looking to rent a bay, enjoy game play packages, indulge in food and beverage offerings, or become a member, Topgolf has you covered.

Bay Rental

If you’re visiting Topgolf with a group of friends or family, you have the option to rent a bay. Bays provide a private space for your group to enjoy the Topgolf experience. The pricing for bay rental varies depending on the location and the day and time of your visit. It’s advisable to check the specific pricing details on the official Topgolf website or contact the location directly for accurate and up-to-date information.

Game Play Packages

For those who are primarily interested in playing the games at Topgolf, game play packages are a great option. These packages include a certain number of game plays, allowing you to have fun and compete with your friends or family. The pricing for game play packages can vary based on the location and the specific package you choose. It’s worth noting that game play packages often provide better value compared to individual game plays.

Food and Beverage Packages

Topgolf understands that enjoying good food and drinks is an integral part of any social outing. That’s why they offer food and beverage packages to enhance your experience. These packages typically include a selection of appetizers, entrees, and beverages. The pricing for food and beverage packages can vary depending on the specific package you choose and the location. It’s important to check the available packages and their prices to find the best option for your group.

Membership Plans

If you’re a frequent visitor or a dedicated fan of Topgolf, becoming a member can provide you with exclusive benefits and savings. Topgolf offers different membership plans, allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs and preferences. Membership plans often include perks such as discounted game play rates, priority bay access, and special event invitations. The pricing for membership plans can vary based on the level of membership and the location. It’s advisable to explore the membership on the official Topgolf website to find the plan that offers the most value for you.

Additional Costs and Fees

When planning a trip to Topgolf, it’s important to consider the and that may be involved beyond the basic pricing . These extras can vary depending on your needs and preferences, so let’s take a closer look at a few things you might want to keep in mind.

Shoe Rental

If you don’t have suitable golf shoes or simply prefer not to wear your own, Topgolf offers the convenience of shoe rentals. For a small fee, you can get a pair of golf shoes that are specifically designed to provide the traction and support needed for a comfortable and enjoyable game. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, having the right shoes can make a big difference in your performance on the field.

Equipment Rental

In addition to shoe rentals, Topgolf also offers equipment rentals for those who don’t have their own golf clubs. This is especially helpful for casual players or those who are trying out the sport for the first time. Renting equipment allows you to experience the game without the need to invest in expensive clubs upfront. Topgolf provides a variety of clubs to choose from, ensuring that you can find the right fit for your swing and skill level.

Tax and Service Charges

When calculating the total cost of your Topgolf experience, it’s important to take into account any applicable taxes and service charges. These are typically added to the base price and can vary depending on your location and the specific services you choose. It’s always a good idea to inquire about these charges beforehand so that you can budget accordingly and avoid any surprises when it’s time to pay.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, let’s break down the and in a table:

Additional Costs and Fees Cost
Shoe Rental $X
Equipment Rental $X
Tax and Service Charges $X

It’s worth noting that these prices are subject to change and may vary depending on the location of the Topgolf venue you visit. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check with your specific location for the most up-to-date information on costs and .

By considering these and , you can better plan your visit to Topgolf and ensure that you have all the necessary items and services to make the most out of your experience. Whether it’s renting golf shoes, equipment, or accounting for taxes and service charges, being aware of these allows you to have a more enjoyable and hassle-free time at Topgolf.

Ways to Save Money at Topgolf

At Topgolf, there are several ways you can make the most of your experience while saving some money. Whether you’re a regular visitor or a first-timer, taking advantage of these cost-saving can enhance your enjoyment while keeping your wallet happy. Let’s explore some of the ways you can save money at Topgolf.

Weekday Discounts

If you have the flexibility to visit Topgolf during the week, you’re in luck! Weekday discounts are a great way to save on your visit. Topgolf often offers special pricing on weekdays, especially during non-peak hours. This means you can enjoy the same fun and excitement at a lower cost. So, why not plan your visit on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon? You’ll not only avoid the weekend crowds but also save some money in the process.

Happy Hour Specials

Who doesn’t love a good happy hour? At Topgolf, you can take advantage of their happy hour specials to save on food and beverages while enjoying your game. During select hours, usually in the late afternoon or early evening, Topgolf offers discounted prices on a variety of menu items. From appetizers to drinks, you can indulge in some delicious treats without breaking the bank. So, grab your friends and head over to Topgolf for a fun-filled happy hour experience.

Group Rates

If you’re planning a visit to Topgolf with a group of friends or family members, you can benefit from their group rates. Topgolf offers discounted pricing for larger groups, making it a cost-effective option for a fun outing. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, organizing a corporate event, or simply getting together with friends, group rates can help you save money while enjoying all that Topgolf has to offer. So, gather your squad and get ready for a memorable day of golfing and entertainment.

Membership Benefits

If you’re a frequent visitor to Topgolf or simply want to make the most of your visits, becoming a member can be a great way to save money. Topgolf offers various membership plans that come with exclusive benefits and perks. As a member, you’ll enjoy discounts on bay rentals, game play packages, and even food and beverage purchases. Additionally, you may have access to members-only events and promotions. Becoming a member not only allows you to save money but also enhances your overall Topgolf experience. So, consider becoming a member and unlock a world of savings and privileges.

Factors Influencing Per Person Cost

When it comes to the per person cost at Topgolf, there are several to consider that can influence the overall price. These include group size, duration of visit, and food and beverage consumption. Let’s take a closer look at each of these and how they can impact your experience and cost at Topgolf.

Group Size

The size of your group can have a significant impact on the per person cost at Topgolf. Generally, the larger the group, the more affordable it becomes on an individual basis. Topgolf offers different bay sizes to accommodate various group sizes, ranging from small groups of two to larger groups of six or more. By sharing the cost of the bay rental among more people, you can effectively reduce the per person cost.

Additionally, larger groups can take advantage of group rates and discounts that Topgolf offers. These special rates are often available for groups of a certain size or more, making it even more cost-effective to visit Topgolf with friends, family, or colleagues.

Duration of Visit

The duration of your visit to Topgolf can also affect the per person cost. Topgolf typically charges an hourly rate for bay rentals, which means the longer you stay, the more you may end up paying. However, it’s important to note that the hourly rate can vary depending on the time of day and day of the week.

If you’re looking to minimize the per person cost, consider planning your visit during non-peak hours or taking advantage of weekday discounts. These can help you save money while still enjoying the fun and excitement of Topgolf.

Food and Beverage Consumption

Another factor to consider when calculating the per person cost at Topgolf is your food and beverage consumption. While Topgolf offers a variety of delicious menu and refreshing drinks, it’s important to keep in mind that these items are not included in the base price.

If you’re on a budget or looking to save money, you can choose to limit your food and beverage consumption during your visit. Topgolf allows guests to bring their own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, which can help reduce costs. Additionally, considering sharing appetizers or ordering from the value menus can also be a cost-effective way to enjoy the culinary offerings at Topgolf.

By being mindful of your group size, the duration of your visit, and your food and beverage consumption, you can better understand and manage the per person cost at Topgolf. Remember, Topgolf pricing is designed to accommodate a range of budgets and preferences, so there are available for everyone.

So, whether you’re planning a night out with friends, a family gathering, or a corporate event, take these into consideration to ensure you have a great time at Topgolf while staying within your budget.

Comparing Topgolf Pricing to Alternatives

Traditional Golf Courses

Topgolf offers a unique and modern twist on traditional golf courses, providing an alternative experience for golf enthusiasts and casual players alike. While traditional golf courses focus on the sport itself, Topgolf combines golf with interactive games, technology, and a vibrant social atmosphere.

One of the key differences between Topgolf and traditional golf courses is the pricing structure. At traditional golf courses, players typically pay for a round of golf based on the number of holes they play. This can be quite expensive, especially at high-end courses. In contrast, Topgolf offers a more flexible pricing model that allows players to pay by the hour for bay rental, regardless of the number of people playing.

In terms of cost, Topgolf can be more affordable for groups or families who want to enjoy a golf-like experience without the commitment and expense of a full round of golf. Traditional golf courses often require players to have their own set of clubs, which can be costly for occasional players. At Topgolf, clubs are provided, eliminating the need for players to invest in expensive equipment.

Additionally, Topgolf appeals to a wider audience as it caters to both experienced golfers and beginners. Traditional golf courses can be intimidating for beginners who may feel pressured to keep up with more experienced players. Topgolf offers a relaxed and inclusive environment where players of all skill levels can enjoy the game without feeling self-conscious.

Other Entertainment Venues

Topgolf is not just a golfing destination; it also competes with other entertainment venues in terms of pricing and overall experience. When comparing Topgolf to alternative entertainment such as bowling alleys, arcades, or escape rooms, there are several to consider.

Firstly, Topgolf provides a unique and interactive experience that combines the thrill of golf with technology. The use of microchipped golf balls and scoring systems adds an element of excitement and competition. Unlike traditional entertainment venues, Topgolf offers a more engaging and immersive experience that appeals to a wide range of age groups.

In terms of pricing, Topgolf offers a variety of to suit different budgets. While some entertainment venues charge per game or activity, Topgolf allows players to pay for bay rental by the hour. This means that players can enjoy multiple games and activities within the same time frame, maximizing their experience and value for money.

Furthermore, Topgolf provides a social atmosphere that encourages group participation and interaction. Unlike other entertainment venues where individuals or small groups may be isolated in their own activities, Topgolf promotes a sense of togetherness and friendly competition. Players can enjoy food and beverages while playing, creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment for socializing.

When comparing Topgolf to other entertainment venues, it’s important to consider the overall experience and value for money. While alternative venues may offer different activities, Topgolf provides a unique combination of golf, technology, and socializing that sets it apart from the rest.

Understanding Topgolf Pricing Structure

Topgolf offers a unique and exciting experience for golf enthusiasts and casual players alike. To fully understand the pricing structure at Topgolf, it’s important to consider the different that can affect the cost. In this section, we will explore the hourly rates versus game play pricing, peak versus non-peak pricing, and the variations in pricing based on location.

Hourly Rates vs. Game Play Pricing

When it comes to pricing at Topgolf, you have the option to choose between hourly rates or game play pricing. Hourly rates allow you to rent a bay for a specified period of time, typically ranging from 1 to 6 hours. This option is ideal for those who want to enjoy a leisurely game of golf and socialize with friends or family.

On the other hand, game play pricing is based on the number of games played. Each game consists of hitting microchipped golf balls at various targets on the driving range. Game play pricing is a great option for those who want a more competitive experience or are looking to improve their golf skills. You can choose to play a single game or purchase a package with multiple games included.

Peak vs. Non-Peak Pricing

Another factor to consider when it comes to Topgolf pricing is whether you visit during peak or non-peak hours. Peak hours typically include evenings, weekends, and holidays when the demand for bays is higher. During these times, the pricing may be slightly higher compared to non-peak hours. Non-peak hours, which are usually weekdays and daytime hours, offer more affordable rates.

If you’re looking to save some money, consider visiting Topgolf during non-peak hours. Not only will you enjoy lower pricing, but you may also experience shorter wait times and a more relaxed atmosphere.

Pricing Variations by Location

Topgolf has locations all across the United States, and each location may have its own pricing variations. Factors such as the cost of living in the area, competition, and local demand can influence the pricing structure. It’s important to check the specific pricing details for the Topgolf location nearest to you.

To give you an idea of the potential variations, let’s consider a hypothetical scenario. Imagine two Topgolf locations: one in a suburban area with less competition and a lower cost of living, and another in a bustling city with high demand and increased competition.

In the suburban location, you might find more affordable pricing , making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious players. On the other hand, the city location may have slightly higher pricing due to the higher demand and operational costs associated with running a Topgolf venue in a busy urban environment.


Understanding the pricing structure at Topgolf is essential to making an informed decision about your visit. Whether you opt for hourly rates or game play pricing, consider the peak versus non-peak hours, and take into account the pricing variations by location.

By exploring these , you can plan your visit to Topgolf and enjoy a memorable experience without any surprises. Remember to check the specific pricing details for the Topgolf location you plan to visit, as each venue may have its own unique pricing structure.

Overall, Topgolf offers a range of pricing to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or a beginner looking to have some fun, Topgolf provides an exciting and enjoyable experience for all. So gather your friends, grab a club, and get ready to swing into a world of entertainment at Topgolf!

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