Best Golf Shoes 2023 – Features, Brands, Spikeless & Spiked Options

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Discover the best golf shoes for 2023, including top and features to consider. Whether you’re looking for or spiked options, we have you covered for different weather conditions and playing styles.

Features to Consider When Buying Golf Shoes

When it comes to buying golf shoes, there are several important features to consider. The right pair of golf shoes can greatly enhance your performance on the course, providing comfort, stability, and traction. Let’s explore some key that you should keep in mind when shopping for golf shoes.

Comfort and Fit

One of the most crucial aspects of golf shoes is ensuring they provide maximum comfort and a proper fit. After all, you’ll be spending hours on your feet while playing golf, so it’s essential to have shoes that feel good. Look for shoes with cushioned insoles and padded collars to provide support and reduce fatigue. Additionally, consider the width and sizing options available to find a pair that fits your feet perfectly.


Golf is an outdoor sport, and the weather can be unpredictable. Therefore, investing in waterproof golf shoes is a smart choice. These shoes are designed to keep your feet dry even in wet conditions, allowing you to focus on your game without worrying about discomfort or slipping. Look for shoes with waterproof materials and sealed seams to ensure maximum protection against moisture.

Traction and Stability

Golf requires a stable and balanced stance, especially during swings. Traction is essential for maintaining stability on various terrains, including wet grass or uneven surfaces. Look for shoes with strategically placed traction elements, such as spikes or multidirectional lugs, that provide excellent grip and prevent slipping. Consider the type of spikes or traction system that suits your playing style and the course conditions you typically encounter.


Golf can be a physically demanding sport, and your feet can become sweaty and uncomfortable if your shoes don’t allow proper airflow. Breathable golf shoes help regulate temperature and moisture, keeping your feet cool and dry throughout your game. Look for shoes with breathable mesh or perforated panels that allow air to circulate freely. This feature not only enhances comfort but also helps prevent odors and the growth of bacteria.

Top Brands for Golf Shoes in 2023

Nike Golf Shoes

When it comes to golf shoes, Nike is a brand that needs no introduction. With their commitment to innovation and style, Nike golf shoes have consistently been a top choice among golfers of all skill levels. The combination of comfort, performance, and durability makes Nike golf shoes a go-to option for many players.

Nike offers a wide range of golf shoe models to cater to different playing styles and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight shoe for added mobility or a more stable option for better traction, Nike has you covered. Their golf shoes are designed with like responsive cushioning, breathable materials, and excellent grip to enhance your performance on the course.

Adidas Golf Shoes

Another top brand in the golf shoe industry is Adidas. Known for their quality craftsmanship and innovative designs, Adidas golf shoes are trusted by professional golfers around the world. Adidas combines style and functionality to create golf shoes that not only look great but also perform at the highest level.

Adidas offers a diverse range of golf shoe options to suit every golfer’s needs. From shoes for versatile use to spiked shoes for optimal traction, Adidas has a variety of models to choose from. Their golf shoes are engineered with technologies like Boost cushioning, waterproof materials, and lightweight construction to provide maximum comfort and performance.

FootJoy Golf Shoes

FootJoy is a brand that has been synonymous with golf shoes for decades. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to quality, FootJoy golf shoes are a favorite among golfers of all ages. Whether you’re a professional golfer or a weekend warrior, FootJoy offers a wide selection of golf shoes to meet your specific requirements.

FootJoy golf shoes are known for their superior comfort and fit. They are designed with features like plush cushioning, supportive midsoles, and breathable uppers to ensure all-day comfort on the course. Additionally, FootJoy offers different shoe widths to accommodate various foot sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for every golfer.

Puma Golf Shoes

Puma is a brand that brings a fresh and modern approach to golf shoes. With a focus on style and performance, Puma golf shoes have gained popularity among golfers who want to make a fashion statement on the course. Puma combines innovative design elements with advanced technologies to create golf shoes that are both functional and fashionable.

Puma offers a range of golf shoe options for different playing styles and preferences. From spikeless shoes with excellent versatility to spiked shoes for enhanced traction, Puma has a shoe for every golfer. Their golf shoes feature technologies like FusionFoam cushioning, waterproof membranes, and durable outsoles to deliver exceptional performance and comfort.

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes for 2023

If you’re in the market for new golf shoes, you may be considering options. Spikeless golf shoes have gained popularity in recent years due to their versatility and comfort. In this section, we’ll explore the benefits of golf shoes and introduce you to three top models for 2023: the Ecco Biom Hybrid 4, Skechers Go Golf Elite V4, and New Balance Fresh Foam LinksPro.

Spikeless vs Spiked Golf Shoes

Before diving into our top picks, let’s briefly discuss the difference between spikeless and spiked golf shoes. Traditionally, golf shoes featured metal or plastic spikes on the outsole to provide traction on the course. However, spikeless shoes have gained traction (pun intended) in recent years. Instead of spikes, these shoes feature nubs or a textured sole that provides grip. Spikeless shoes offer several advantages:

  • Versatility: Spikeless golf shoes can be worn both on and off the course, making them a great option for golfers who want a shoe that transitions seamlessly from the fairway to the clubhouse.
  • Comfort: Spikeless shoes are often more comfortable than their spiked counterparts, thanks to their lightweight design and flexible sole. They provide a more natural and cushioned feel as you walk the course.
  • Durability: Without metal or plastic spikes, spikeless shoes tend to have a longer lifespan. The absence of spikes also means less maintenance and the need for replacements.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s move on to our top spikeless golf shoe picks for 2023.

Ecco Biom Hybrid 4

The Ecco Biom Hybrid 4 is a standout spikeless golf shoe known for its exceptional comfort and performance. Ecco is renowned for its quality craftsmanship, and the Biom Hybrid 4 lives up to the brand’s reputation. Here are some key of this shoe:

  • Superior Fit: The Biom Hybrid 4 features Ecco’s patented Biom Natural Motion technology, which provides an anatomical fit that hugs your foot for optimal support. This ensures stability and reduces the risk of slipping during your swing.
  • Exceptional Traction: The shoe’s Tri-Fi-Grip outsole offers excellent traction on various surfaces, including wet grass. You can confidently navigate the course, even in less favorable weather conditions.
  • Enhanced Cushioning: Ecco’s Fluidform Technology provides outstanding cushioning and shock absorption, reducing fatigue and enhancing comfort throughout your round.

Skechers Go Golf Elite V4

Skechers has made a name for itself in the athletic footwear industry, and their Go Golf Elite V4 is a fantastic golf shoe option. Offering a winning combination of style and performance, the Go Golf Elite V4 is a popular choice among golfers. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Lightweight Design: The Go Golf Elite V4 is incredibly lightweight, allowing for effortless walking during your round. This shoe won’t weigh you down or hinder your performance.
  • Responsive Cushioning: Skechers’ Ultra Flight midsole technology provides responsive cushioning, ensuring comfort and support with each step. You’ll experience a comfortable ride from the first tee to the final hole.
  • Reliable Traction: The shoe’s TPU outsole with replaceable Softspikes® offers reliable traction and stability, even on hilly terrain or slippery surfaces.

New Balance Fresh Foam LinksPro

New Balance may not be the first brand that comes to mind when thinking of golf shoes, but their Fresh Foam LinksPro is a hidden gem in the spikeless category. Combining style, comfort, and performance, these shoes are worth considering for the 2023 season. Here are the highlights:

  • Fresh Foam Comfort: The Fresh Foam midsole provides plush cushioning and a responsive feel, ensuring all-day comfort on the course. Say goodbye to sore feet after a long round.
  • Waterproof Protection: The LinksPro a waterproof microfiber upper, keeping your feet dry and comfortable even in wet conditions. You can focus on your game without worrying about soggy socks.
  • Lightweight and Stable: With a lightweight design and an innovative outsole pattern, the LinksPro offers stability and traction without sacrificing comfort. You’ll feel confident and supported throughout your swing.

Best Spiked Golf Shoes for 2023

Spiked vs Spikeless Golf Shoes

When it comes to choosing between spiked and spikeless golf shoes, it’s important to consider your personal preferences and playing style. Spiked golf shoes have been a popular choice among golfers for their superior traction and stability, especially on wet or hilly courses. The spikes provide excellent grip, allowing you to maintain your balance and power through your swing. On the other hand, spikeless golf shoes offer a more versatile option. They are designed with traction patterns on the outsole, providing grip without the need for traditional spikes. Spikeless shoes are often more lightweight and comfortable, making them a preferred choice for those who prioritize comfort and prefer walking the course. Ultimately, the decision between spiked and spikeless golf shoes will depend on your individual needs and playing conditions.

FootJoy Pro/SL

One of the top choices in the realm of spiked golf shoes for 2023 is the FootJoy Pro/SL. These shoes are known for their exceptional comfort and stability, making them a favorite among professional golfers and amateurs alike. The Pro/SL features a dual-density midsole that provides cushioning and support, reducing fatigue during long rounds. The outsole is equipped with a combination of replaceable SoftSpikes and traction elements, ensuring excellent grip on various terrains. Additionally, the Pro/SL boasts a waterproof construction, keeping your feet dry and protected in wet conditions. With its stylish design and impressive performance, the FootJoy Pro/SL is a reliable option for golfers seeking both comfort and performance.

Adidas Tour360 XT

Another standout spiked golf shoe for 2023 is the Adidas Tour360 XT. Designed to offer maximum stability and support, the Tour360 XT is a popular choice among golfers looking for a shoe that can handle the rigors of the game. The shoe features a Torsion X stability bar that provides enhanced arch support and prevents excessive twisting during the swing. The outsole utilizes a combination of six replaceable spikes and X-Traxion lugs, delivering excellent traction on any type of terrain. The Tour360 XT also incorporates Adidas’ waterproof technology, ensuring your feet stay dry even in wet conditions. With its sleek design and advanced , the Adidas Tour360 XT is a top contender for golfers seeking reliable spiked golf shoes.

Under Armour Spieth 5

For those looking for a spiked golf shoe endorsed by a professional golfer, the Under Armour Spieth 5 is an excellent option. Developed in collaboration with PGA Tour player Jordan Spieth, these shoes are designed to meet the demands of elite golfers. The Spieth 5 boasts a lightweight and breathable construction, keeping your feet comfortable throughout your round. The shoe’s rotational resistance spikes provide exceptional traction and stability, allowing you to maintain control during your swing. The Spieth 5 also features Under Armour’s Storm technology, making it waterproof and suitable for various weather conditions. With its focus on performance and the endorsement of a top golfer, the Under Armour Spieth 5 is a compelling choice for golfers seeking spiked golf shoes.

Golf Shoes for Different Weather Conditions

When it comes to playing golf, weather conditions can greatly impact your game. Having the right golf shoes for different weather conditions is essential to ensure your comfort and performance on the course. In this section, we will explore the best golf shoes for specific weather conditions, including waterproof golf shoes, breathable golf shoes, winter golf shoes, and summer golf shoes.

Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

Playing golf in wet or rainy conditions can be challenging, but having waterproof golf shoes can make a significant difference. These shoes are designed to keep your feet dry and protected from moisture, allowing you to focus on your game. Here are some top options for waterproof golf shoes:

  • Nike React Vapor 2: These shoes feature a waterproof upper and provide excellent traction on wet surfaces.
  • FootJoy DryJoys Tour: Known for their durability and waterproof construction, these shoes offer both style and performance.
  • Adidas Tour360 XT SL: With a waterproof and breathable design, these shoes provide both comfort and protection in wet conditions.

Best Breathable Golf Shoes

Playing golf in hot and humid weather can be uncomfortable, but having breathable golf shoes can help keep your feet cool and dry. These shoes are designed to allow airflow and prevent sweat build-up. Here are some top options for breathable golf shoes:

  • Ecco Biom Hybrid 4: These shoes feature a breathable upper and provide excellent ventilation, keeping your feet cool even on hot days.
  • Skechers Go Golf Elite V4: With a lightweight and breathable design, these shoes offer optimal airflow and comfort.
  • New Balance Fresh Foam LinksPro: These shoes combine breathability with cushioning, providing both comfort and ventilation.

Best Winter Golf Shoes

Playing golf in cold and wet conditions requires specialized footwear to keep your feet warm and dry. Winter golf shoes are designed with insulation and waterproof to protect against the elements. Here are some top options for winter golf shoes:

  • FootJoy WinterSof: These shoes feature a waterproof construction and Thinsulate insulation, keeping your feet warm and dry in chilly conditions.
  • Adidas Tour360 XT Winter: With a warm lining and waterproof design, these shoes provide excellent protection in cold and wet weather.
  • Under Armour Spieth 5 GTX: These shoes offer a waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX lining, ensuring both comfort and performance in winter conditions.

Best Summer Golf Shoes

Playing golf in hot and sunny conditions requires golf shoes that can handle the heat and provide comfort. Summer golf shoes are designed with lightweight and breathable materials to keep your feet cool and prevent discomfort. Here are some top options for summer golf shoes:

  • Nike Air Max 1 G: These shoes feature a breathable and lightweight design, offering both style and comfort in hot weather.
  • Puma Ignite PWRAdapt Caged: With a breathable mesh upper and responsive cushioning, these shoes provide optimal airflow and support.
  • FootJoy SuperLites XP: These shoes combine a lightweight construction with breathable materials, ensuring comfort on hot summer days.

Golf Shoes for Different Playing Styles

Best Golf Shoes for Walking

When it comes to walking the golf course, comfort and support are key. You want a pair of golf shoes that will keep your feet comfortable throughout the round without causing any discomfort or pain. Look for features such as cushioning and arch support to ensure a comfortable walking experience. Additionally, lightweight materials and flexible soles can help reduce fatigue and make walking the course a breeze. Some top options for walking golf shoes include:

  • FootJoy Pro/SL: Known for their exceptional comfort and stability, these shoes are designed to keep you comfortable during long walks on the course.
  • Adidas Tour360 XT: These shoes offer a great balance of comfort and performance, with a supportive fit and cushioned midsole.
  • Under Armour Spieth 5: Designed in collaboration with professional golfer Jordan Spieth, these shoes provide excellent stability and traction for walking the course.

Best Golf Shoes for Stability

Stability is crucial for a consistent and powerful golf swing. Look for golf shoes that provide a secure and stable fit, keeping your feet firmly planted during your swing. Shoes with a wider base and a supportive midsole can help enhance stability. Here are some top choices for golf shoes that offer excellent stability:

  • FootJoy Pro/SL: These shoes feature a wide platform and a stable outsole, ensuring a solid foundation for your swing.
  • Adidas Tour360 XT: Known for their stability, these shoes have a supportive design and a secure fit that will keep you grounded.
  • Nike Golf Shoes: Nike offers a range of golf shoes that provide excellent stability, with such as a snug fit and a supportive midsole.

Best Golf Shoes for Power

If you’re looking to add more power to your swing, having the right golf shoes can make a difference. Look for shoes that offer a combination of stability, flexibility, and traction to help you generate more power through your swing. Here are some top options for golf shoes that can help enhance your power:

  • Skechers Go Golf Elite V4: These shoes offer a lightweight and flexible design, allowing for unrestricted movement and maximum power transfer.
  • Ecco Biom Hybrid 4: With their innovative sole design, these shoes provide excellent traction and stability, helping you generate more power in your swing.
  • New Balance Fresh Foam LinksPro: These shoes feature a responsive cushioning system that helps absorb impact and transfer energy for a more powerful swing.

Best Golf Shoes for Flexibility

Flexibility is crucial for a smooth and natural golf swing. Look for golf shoes that offer a flexible sole and a comfortable fit to allow for unrestricted movement. Shoes with a low-profile design and a lightweight construction can also enhance flexibility. Here are some top choices for golf shoes that offer great flexibility:

  • Skechers Go Golf Elite V4: These shoes feature a flexible outsole that allows for natural movement and flexibility throughout your swing.
  • Ecco Biom Hybrid 4: Known for their flexibility, these shoes have a low-profile design and a flexible sole that promotes a natural range of motion.
  • Nike Golf Shoes: Nike offers a range of golf shoes that are designed to be flexible, allowing for a comfortable and unrestricted swing.

Proper Golf Shoe Care and Maintenance

Cleaning and Drying Golf Shoes

Taking care of your golf shoes is essential to ensure their longevity and performance on the course. Here are some tips on how to clean and dry your golf shoes effectively:

  1. Remove dirt and debris: Before cleaning your golf shoes, remove any dirt or debris from the surface. Use a soft brush or cloth to gently brush off any mud, grass, or other particles.
  2. Use mild soap and water: Fill a bucket with warm water and add a small amount of mild soap. Dip a soft cloth or sponge into the soapy water and gently scrub the shoe’s surface. Pay attention to any stains or marks and try to remove them gently.
  3. Rinse thoroughly: After cleaning, rinse the shoes with clean water to remove any soap residue. Make sure to rinse both the upper and sole of the shoes to maintain their overall cleanliness.
  4. Air dry: To dry your golf shoes, avoid using direct heat sources like a hairdryer or radiator. Instead, stuff the shoes with newspaper or paper towels to absorb excess moisture. Place them in a well-ventilated area and let them air dry naturally. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight, as it can cause discoloration or damage.

Storing Golf Shoes

Proper storage of your golf shoes is crucial for maintaining their shape and condition. Follow these guidelines to ensure your shoes stay in optimal condition when not in use:

  1. Clean before storing: Before storing your golf shoes, make sure they are clean and dry. Any moisture or dirt left on the shoes can lead to mold or deterioration over time.
  2. Use a shoe bag or box: Store your golf shoes in a shoe bag or box to protect them from dust, moisture, and other elements. This will help maintain their appearance and prevent any damage.
  3. Keep them in a cool, dry place: Store your golf shoes in a cool and dry area, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Excessive heat or humidity can cause the shoes to warp, crack, or lose their shape.
  4. Avoid stacking or crushing: When storing multiple pairs of golf shoes, avoid stacking them on top of each other or placing heavy objects on them. This can lead to deformities or compression of the shoe’s structure.

Replacing Spikes and Insoles

As you use your golf shoes, the spikes and insoles may wear out over time. It’s important to regularly inspect and replace them to maintain optimal traction and comfort. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Check for wear and tear: Inspect the spikes and insoles of your golf shoes regularly. Look for signs of wear, such as flattened or broken spikes, and worn-out insoles. If you notice any damage or loss of performance, it’s time to replace them.
  2. Choose the right replacements: When replacing spikes, ensure you select the appropriate type and size for your golf shoes. Different courses may require different spike types, such as metal or soft spikes. Insoles should provide adequate cushioning and support for your feet.
  3. Follow manufacturer instructions: Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to replace the spikes and insoles properly. Some shoes may have removable inserts or spike systems that require specific tools or techniques for replacement.
  4. Regular maintenance: To extend the lifespan of your spikes and insoles, clean them regularly and remove any debris or dirt that may affect their performance. This will help ensure optimal grip and comfort during your rounds.

Extending the Lifespan of Golf Shoes

By following a few simple practices, you can extend the lifespan of your golf shoes and keep them in excellent condition for longer:

  1. Rotate your shoes: Avoid wearing the same pair of golf shoes every round. Rotating between multiple pairs allows each shoe to dry and recover between uses, reducing the risk of moisture-related issues and prolonging their lifespan.
  2. Avoid excessive moisture: While golfing in wet conditions is inevitable at times, try to minimize exposure to excessive moisture. Wearing waterproof golf shoes and using waterproof shoe covers can help protect your shoes from water damage.
  3. Proper storage: As mentioned earlier, storing your golf shoes correctly when not in use is crucial for maintaining their shape and condition. Follow the guidelines mentioned in the “Storing Golf Shoes” section to ensure proper storage.
  4. Regular cleaning and maintenance: Keep your golf shoes clean and free from dirt, grass, and other debris. Regularly inspect them for any signs of wear and tear, and address any issues promptly to prevent further damage.

Remember, proper care and maintenance of your golf shoes not only ensure their longevity but also contribute to your overall comfort and performance on the course. By following these tips, you can keep your golf shoes in excellent shape and enjoy many rounds of golf with confidence.

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